When the distribution network can grow your competitive advantage

Key for an efficient distribution network is the ability of continuously growing the level of service offered to customers, without growing total logistics costs.

In order to improve the efficiency of your distribution network and reduce the related costs either we use our existing network or we built a new one according to your needs of territory coverage. The more extensive is the addressee network, the bigger the quantity to deliver is, the easier is to develop synergies.

We constantly track and trace the shipping and the fleet, highly specialized personnel finds the most efficient way to consolidate the deliveries passing through the transit point located across Europe and Mediterranean from where we can ship any quantity you need. This is a great challenge and exercise to develop with customers, suppliers and with companies from completely different industries (e.g. seasonal business synergizing together)

To make our distribution network even more solid, we have established with other highly specialized operators the first national distribution network, specialized in Food and Beverage: BeveRete.

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Distribution activities:

Constant research of improvement in terms of sustainability, increased service, reduction of timing e growing level of service and information shared with companies and customers.

  • Planning of deliveries
  • Returns management and reverse logistics
  • 100% electric city logistics
  • Building of a dedicated distribution network
  • Re-engineering of current network
  • Transit points management
  • Cross-docking
  • Well-prepared customer service
  • Small batches quickly delivered in the most cost-effective way
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