Di Martino gives customer support not only from a strictly operational point of view but also giving advice on the best strategy to pursue, sharing a know-how that isn’t usually available in-house where the core business is different.

For long haul transport the first choice is always multimodal transport, our continuous commitment to make transportation more sustainable. Great distance are covered with sea and rail freight while first and last mile is left to road, the most flexible that allows us to get anywhere. With multimodal we get the chance to significantly reduce our carbon footprint, and get many advantages related to having less heavy goods vehicles on the streets: increased security on the roads, higher security of the goods, etc.

Di Martino has invested heavily in order to strengthen his position ha Multimodal Transport Operator (MTO): multimodal loading unit, today more than 2500; established presence in key hubs around the most important railway station and ports; dedicated staff to handle the flow; information systems designed to manage information. Today multimodal freight is a core business of the company.

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