Warehouses are the place where every company keeps its values: economic, strategic, promotional. An accurate research on supply-chain and the value transiting across it can improve the competitiveness of the company along with the service offered.

Di Martino can support with the know-how built in the years to find the areas where your supply-chain can be more efficient and can be your sole interlocutor for all your needs from the operational side. By handling on your behalf supply-chain operations from procurement to distribution we can support in finding new development of your current organization and become your consultant partner with whom get to the results and share objectives and reach new level of service.

Logistics can be a key success factor, and a provider dedicated to support your commercial growth and service development can suggest a number of initiatives that can merge with the current organization and get it more cost-effective, and make the production more efficient.

The purpose is anticipate customer needs and request, understanding and suggesting new ways to tackle the potential problem.

The offer is extremely wide and evolving: consulting on technical feasibility, real estate logistics engineering and construction, warehouse layout, distribution network optimization, inbound and outbound logistics, value added services, reverse logistics.

Contract logistics

Through logistics outsourcing companies empower third party to take care and manage one or more operation combined in their supply-chain. This grows the contribution of specialized logistics operators partnering to offer their knowledge beyond simple transport.

We can handle on your behalf supply-chain operations from procurement to distribution, making it key to your management system and competitive advantage.


In order to improve the efficiency of your distribution network and reduce the related costs either we use our existing network or we built a new one according to your needs of territory coverage. The more extensive is the addressee network, the bigger the quantity to deliver is, the easier is to develop synergies. We constantly track and trace the shipping and the fleet, highly specialized personnel finds the most efficient way to consolidate the deliveries passing through the transit point located across Europe and Mediterranean from where we can ship any quantity you need. This is a great challenge and exercise to develop with customers, suppliers and with companies from completely different industries (e.g. seasonal business synergizing together).


As we know how crucial is to have a warehouse that responds to your needs, we support you not only in finding the perfect one, but also in building your own.
This makes us confident that the warehouse responds to the highest standard in terms of sustainability and compliance to the latest building work.
This proves the strong reliability we have in the industry, well-known players in the supermarket industry, in fashion and automotive have in the years partnered with us to find the perfect spot for their needs and improve the existent facilities to make them more suitable. If you need a brand new warehouse or to improve an existing one located in the most important multimodal hub in Italy or abroad.


A bonded warehouse is a storage facility licensed by the government for keeping the imported goods that are awaiting clearance from customer duties. Rely on this organization brings clear fiscal and financial advantages.
During the timeframe between the import and the clearance, goods stored in can be divided, mixed, bundled, labelled, branded etc. still under custom. We can perform all these value added activities, to make your imported goods valuable products, postponing the payment of duties.
If the goods are just transiting in Italy without the need of being imported in EU, they can just be safely stored and re-exported elsewhere without spending much on duties, obtaining clear advantages in fiscal and financial terms.
The warehouse can offer all the benefit related to value added operations, and the advantages of producing them “abroad”.


The chance to work closely to a team of export, well aware of the industries trend, able to analyze and detect the strengths and opportunities for your business within the supply-chain.

From technical feasibility studies to the configuration of the most suitable service to develop, finding the best initiative to optimize existing organization, re-engineering of the processes.

Di Martino

Industries aren’t all the same, so logistics can’t be either. Each organization needs specific equipment, organization and operations related to the characteristics of the merchandise and retail organization. Thanks to our great flexibility and experience in different industries we can carry out any activity: labelling, plating, packaging, quality control, etc.

what we offer

  • CONSULTING SERVICES: analysis of status quo, strategy proposal and implementation
  • REAL ESTATE LOGISTICS: we build and adapt warehouses for your needs
  • CONTRACT LOGISTICS: from procurement to reverse logistics
  • DISTRIBUTION NETWORK: we grant you a widespread coverage
  • BONDED WAREHOUSE: to store, manipulate, manufacture your dutiable goods
  • VALUE ADDED SERVICES: any service required by state of art logistics in your industry
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