Rinascente is the most elegant department store of Italy. In its 150 years history it has enjoyed moments of great success and has always lived up to the fame of its brand, but most of all it has been able to read the signs of time, changing direction at the right moment and becoming a point of reference for high quality shopping.

Its far-sighted vision has helped to seize the opportunity and the importance of building a supply-chain that creates value, in a time when the trend was reducing operating cost.

Rinascente invested in logistics and started in 2007 a joint-venture with Di Martino to define new strategic goal and reach challenging target.


DRlogistics giving maximum priority to flexibility started studying and planning the new supply-chain of Rinascente. The biggest achievements were a significantly increased level of service offered to all the department stores across Italy, more efficient lead time from the order to delivery day, increasing the overall ability of tracking each operation, reduced procurement timing and costs, minimized inventory stock in the stores, lower percentage of stockouts. All this gets particularly critical given the great variety of SKUs managed in the warehouse, most of which subject to seasonality. The secret of success for DRlogistics has been the ability to efficiently and effectively manage every aspect of the supply-chain adapting quickly to any change in place.

In logistic hub in Piacenza, DRlogistics manages the whole supply-chain: from centralized procurement to order handling (both from picking and in cross-docking), with the clear and shared purpose of having the highest level of service, always evolving according to the needs in terms of structure and process.

The model on which we have worked on in the years is known as collaborative logistics: planning and change is driven by improved solution and efficiency not only related to logistics but also connected to the organization at any level: merchandising, sales, retailer and planning.

The great results achieved gave Rinascente a strong motivation to keep being a dynamic and proactive partner, always keen on finding innovative solutions and encourage our DRlogistics team to respond effectively to commercial needs.


Today Rinascente can rely on the most advanced WMS technologies, state-of-art trucks for the deliveries, the highest sustainability standard along the whole supply-chain.

The hub is today handling a very high level of sophistication, and complexity. Only 15% of the total SKUs handled in the warehouse are continuative, so picking evolves as the products does, leaving space for the products assortment. In addition, there are loads of value added activities carried out: labelling, pricing, plating of hanging and folded garments.

Reverse logistics is also part of the services managed in the hub, where every season great part of unsold items returns to be delivered back to the suppliers, with the operations, handling all the preliminary operations requested by them.


As the new Rome Tritone opened, some operations have been delocalized closer to department store, from the new hub we handle city logistics with 100% electric trucks, as in the other key locations, and cross docking handling.

The secondary hub in Rome adds more complexity to DRlogistics organization, and become crucial considering also the environmental impact related to daily deliveries to the hub, thus we started using some of our LNG trucks in our fleet.

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